Air Fryer Copycat McDonald’s Apple Pies


Air Fryer Copycat McDonald’s Apple Pies


Crust: Use your favorite pre-made brand, or make your own.
Filling: Again, you can use pre-made filling, but we highly recommend.
Egg: We’re using a beaten egg to brush onto the crust to encourage browning.
Cinnamon sugar: This gives our treats a spice-infused finish.

How to make air fryer mcdonald’s apple pies:
Cut. Slice the crust into eight evenly shaped rectangles, sized 3×6 inches.
Fill. Scoop fruit filling into four of the rectangles, top each one with the remaining rectangles, and use a fork to seal the edges by crimping them. Brush the surface of each pie with the beaten egg, then finish by cutting a few slits onto the top of each pie. Finally, give them all a light coating of cinnamon sugar.
Cook. Air fry at 360F for about 5-8 mins., or until the crust is perfectly golden and crispy.
Serve. Enjoy hot!

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